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A good eMCee can take any Corporate or Private Event and make it productively fun, memorable, and create an atmosphere of excitement!

Our very own, Erica P. Rowe has excellent speaking and presentation skills, charisma, an outgoing and spontaneous personality, is able to work under pressure, has a sense of humor, and the ability to improvise. 


​Booking a professional eMCee is a strategic move for your next meeting or event. The eMCee can take a crowded agenda and turn it into a high energy experience to leave your guests feeling good and proud to be a part of your organization.


Stop planning the meeting and then trying to eMCee the event with low energy. 

We help keep your audience engaged, and create a significant boost for your next meeting. By hiring a professional eMCee to keep your meeting on track, you will return the results you're looking for, and ease the discomfort of the room.


"An engaging & experienced voice for your audience and a significant boost for your event."


Meet your next Corporate

 and Private Event eMCee

& Moderator...

Erica P. Rowe!

Erica has always had a natural ability to engage an audience.  She knows how to read a room and put everyone at ease.

Whether it's moderating a panel discussion or eMCeeing the goal is to exceed the expectations of her clients.  You are guaranteed a positive, productive & memorable atmosphere for your event!

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