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Erica P. Rowe is a highly accomplished and talented business owner who specializes in elevating brands and events through her training and consulting services. She is the Founder and CEO of Business Brand Ambassador LLC (BBA), a consultancy dedicated to delivering exceptional services that enhance customer satisfaction, elevate organizational performance, and create memorable experiences.

A little about Erica P. Rowe

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Professional Experience

Erica P. Rowe has 20+ Years of Elevating Customer Service Experiences for major brands including:


The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Elizabeth Arden
Lifetime Fitness 

Her extensive tenure in the hospitality industry, which includes working with prestigious brands like The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company in Guest Relations and successfully owning her own practice, has provided her with profound expertise in upholding and embodying high-level brand excellence


Erica P. Rowe is a wife to Charlie for 28 years, mom to Isaiah, 22 & Joshua, 16 & and actively involved in her community.

She is the Founder and CEO of Business Brand Ambassador LLC (BBA), a consultancy dedicated to delivering exceptional services that enhance customer satisfaction, elevate organizational performance, and create memorable experiences through our services - ELEVATED Customer Service Training & Corporate & Private Events eMCee & Professional Facilitation.

She is full of light, love and laughter and it is evident in all her interactions both personally and professionally as she lives by her core values Excellence, Experience, Empathy, Encouragement and Engagement.

True contentment comes from living by faith, embracing our God-given uniqueness to serve others & to live life FULLY - spiritually, mentally, physically! 



As women we are often tasked with a multitude of responsibilities/hats we have to wear and our dreams & desires are at the bottom of the priority list. For many years she bought into the self-limiting belief that she was always “trying” too many things. It may also have been her Jamaican heritage and upbringing. “We are known for pursuing many occupational paths all at once!”

She was on a path of self-discovery. Her street smarts and engaging personality have opened many doors of opportunities, collaborations and meaningful connections.

Although many saw her as a confident go-getter, she struggled with not yet finding her true passion/calling. The past few years of increased faith & self-discovery revealed the doubts of “trying” were the puzzle pieces that she needed at the time.  

Her experience working at Elizabeth Arden, The Ritz-Carlton, Lifetime Fitness, and Wegmans is where her appreciation for brand & customer service excellence were developed.  Her desire was to have multiple businesses to develop her entrepreneurial skills and she has accomplished her goal!  Additionally, she volunteered with several non-profits to remain a servant leader.  She invested in the yearlong business school to remain a student and hone her skills as a business owner.  She coached women to show up confidently for themselves because she needed to share her journey of empowerment. She expanded her brand as a corporate eMCee & customer service expert because she recognized the need in the marketplace for quality brand experiences.  The fact is she wasn’t “trying” all these things, she was doing! The revelation was both validating and liberating - she is an EXPLORER! 



When women stop buying into societal, familial or self-imposed limiting beliefs, they can do what truly sets their souls on fire!  They can create their dream career, go after the job, promotion, contract, start the business, go on the dream vacation, ask the hottie on the date! 

When women know the value they bring, lives, careers, communities, & businesses thrive! 

She is truly an ambassador for women and their brands and loves to see them own their opportunities and shine like the Queens they are. 

She knows her superpower is the gift of encouragement & collaboration.  She sees life from the lens of gratitude and laughter!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

-Marianne Williamson

Client Recognition

We're proud to see our clients succeed!

Loudoun Chamber
Small Business Awards

Health & Wellness Business of the Year
2021 Winner
Exceptional Entrepreneur
of the Year
2022 Finalist
Superior Service Business of the Year
2022 Finalist
Destination of the Year Finalist 2021 & 2022

Loudoun Chamber
Community Leadership Awards

Executive Leader Award 2022 Winner
Small Business
2022 Winner
Large Business
2023 Finalist
Small Business
2023 Winner


How to Identify and Clear All the Fears & Blocks Holding You Back from Reaching Your Next Level



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